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Experienced Mole Removal Service

Don't trust them young whippersnappers who use them new-fangled-chemicals, or other dangerous and hazerdous methods of mole removal. Let Grandpa's Mole Service do it for you the old fashioned way, we hunt the little varmints down using years of experience and specially designed traps. We have been terrorizing the mole underworld since 1983. No mole can hide from Grandpa, we stand by this promise, if we don't catch your mole you get your money back, guaranteed.


Call us for an estimate, we provide discounts based on the size of property and for businesses.

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Our Processes

Mole trapping ain't easy, it requires you to think like a mole (and sometimes even smell like one). When we set our traps we cover them with buckets and mark them with orange flags, these traps must not be disturbed or tampered with by an animal, or curious person.

Recent Dead Mole Count- 3,998 and counting